The Anzac Legend


‘Known unto god’ – the face of faceless men.

Rooted in soil all around the Earth,

Upon which Australia would bleed again.

The fledging nation sought to prove its worth.  


Forth these men marched, adventurous and brave,

Straight past the alien, fiery gates of hell,

Surely into their unmarked, early grave.

Mothers cried louder than bullets could yell.


Yet from silent mouths there was sung a verse,

Of immortal valour and compassion.

Their spirits rose and served to immerse,

The nation in perpetual passion.


Thus Australia’s lost sons returned to her,

Their sacrifices keeping it as it were.



Pozieres and Fromelles


The nightmares of a nation run rampant,

Soldiers rush the Western wildfire.

They spread across corrupted planes lambent,

Beckoning machine guns to expire.


Fromelles inducts through bloody holocaust.

Shells rain down, their deafening screams pierce

Noxious air; the stench of slaughter exhausts.

Casualties lay strewn, their cries of woe fierce.


Pozieres transforms the sweet scenes of home,

Into manifestations of dismay.

Men turn into machines of war to roam

Battlefields fatally clearing the way.


Ordinary men alter absolutely.

Scenes of carnage convey dread acutely.