Premier's Anzac Memorial Scholarship 2016


Creative Project


This project was inspired by my curiosity about wartime postcards and letters. I had always liked the thought of being able to keep memories of a long-lost son, brother or husband to show future generations about them.

While in France, I wondered what my relatives would say to me if they could see me today, walking the battlefields they fought and died on. Thus, the idea for my project was created.
I have created a series of postcards between two relatives who fought on the Western Front and myself.

I have written to Private Frederick Weiss, my great-grandmother’s cousin, who fought at the Battle of Fromelles, and created responses which describe what it would have been like to train and fight in Fromelles. Frederick died at Fromelles. His remains have not been found, and his name is recorded at the VC Cemetery monument.

I have also written to Sergeant Alexander Hood my father’s great-great uncle who was part of the Australian Tunnelling Company, and helped to blow up the infamous Hill 60. His responses also describe his unique experiences on the Western Front. Alexander Hood died near Menin Road only three months after his involvement at Hill 60 and is buried at the Menin Road South Cemetery.

With this project, I hope to remember not only these two brave men, but all servicemen and women who have died protecting Australia and her freedom.

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