Marking Anzac Day in 2020

On 17 March the RSL NSW Board convened an extraordinary meeting to discuss the impact of COVID-19 across New South Wales, and what members can do to stay safe.

“.... No public Anzac Day commemorations should take place across New South Wales in the lead up to, or on Anzac Day” said Acting State President Ray James. “The risk with large gatherings to members and the general public is too great.”

RSL NSW is working closely with the NSW Government to plan alternative means to show respect and to commemorate on Anzac Day.  “Recognition of the service and sacrifice of our servicemen and women is a cornerstone of what the RSL stands for, and Anzac Day will continue to represent that this year, and every year” said Ray James.

The situation with COVID-19 is continuing to evolve, and RSL NSW is committed to providing more information and guidance to members following consultation with the NSW Government.

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