John Sidoti

John Sidoti

Minister for Sport, Multiculturalism, Seniors and Veterans

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Minister's message 

Communities across Australia have been touched by war, and it is important that we understand the dedication and sacrifice of those who have served.

As Minister for Veterans I will continue to help conserve local war memorials, which are so often a key to our shared history and identity. I will continue to help local organisations and community groups tell stories of service and sacrifice so that all Australians understand what has been given, and what has been lost.

In NSW we also look to the future. This means supporting those who have served in the defence of our country and listening to the voices of men and women who have returned from places of conflict. In NSW, we have committed to helping these people forge a new journey, and to ensure that the community understand what they have given. 

Our veterans, past and present are an important part of our collective identity and it is vital that their contribution is honoured with respect.