Premier’s Anzac Memorial Scholarship (PAMS)

Premier’s Anzac Memorial Scholarship (PAMS)

The Premier’s Anzac Memorial Scholarship gives high school students the opportunity to travel on an international study tour to develop their knowledge and understanding of the history of Australians at war. 


The 2019 Premier’s Anzac Memorial Scholarship tour 

Schools across NSW are invited to submit an expression of interest to participate in the 2019 Premier’s Anzac Memorial Scholarship.

In 2019 the Scholarship will fund a study tour for 20 students to travel to Germany, France and Belgium during September and October. Students will visit the battlefields where Australians fought to learn about the causes of the First and Second World Wars, and to commemorate their service.

All NSW High Schools are invited to submit an online Expression of Interest (EOI) via the portal.

Applications close at 10:00am on Monday 15 October 2018. No late EOIs will be accepted. Schools must be prepared to release students for the duration of the tour and abide by the selection guidelines.

A ballot will be held on Wednesday 17 October 2018 to draw 20 schools. Each school drawn will be responsible for selecting a maximum of three students who are enrolled in either Year 10 or 11 in 2019. Please note that no fewer than two candidates may be submitted for consideration.

The Office for Veterans Affairs will consider the candidates put forward by each school and complete the final selection process to choose one student per school.

Students and parents:

Students who meet the selection criteria will be able to apply for the scholarship if their school is selected during the ballot process. The selected schools will be announced following the ballot draw on 17 October 2018 and listed here. Student application forms will then be made available to students from those schools.

Read the selection criteria for students

Please contact Veterans Affairs on (02) 8061 9288 if you have any questions.


Watch a short film to get a taste of the Premier's Anzac Memorial Scholarship tour. 



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