Students to tour World War II battlegrounds

Minister for Veterans Affairs David Elliott has announced 20 high schools from across NSW have won the opportunity to participate in the 2019 Premier’s Anzac Memorial Scholarship.

The schools, selected via a ballot by Mr Elliott and representatives from the Department of Education and the Office for Veterans Affairs, will each select three finalists before a panel chooses the winning scholar from each school.

“This NSW Government funded initiative gives students the chance to visit historic battlefields in Germany, France and Belgium where Australians forged the Anzac spirit,” Mr Elliott said.

Students from the successful schools will prepare a piece of work that relates to the topic Australians at War. One student from each school will be selected as a Premier’s Anzac Memorial Scholar.

“I encourage students in Year 9 and 10 with a keen interest in history to apply,” Mr Elliott said. “This is a wonderful opportunity for students from across NSW to represent their school and community.”

Mr Elliott said the students would leave Sydney next year and travel to historic sites and battlegrounds in Germany, France and Belgium. “This is a unique opportunity and one that offers students insight into Australia’s involvement in two of the most devastating conflicts we have ever seen,” Mr Elliott said.

“The 2018 pilgrimage will enable the sacrifice and courage of our defence personnel to be better understood by our younger generations. They will deepen their understanding of the causes of war and commemorate Australian military service.”

Minister for Education Rob Stokes said the Scholarship program was an incredible opportunity for students to expand on what they have learned in the classroom.

“It’s one thing to read about the battles and wars of the past, but to stand on the same battlefields as our soldiers once did is an experience that these students will remember forever,” Mr Stokes said.