Preparing our veterans for council careers

The NSW Government is helping veterans transition from the Australian Defence Force to the civilian workforce, in a win-win for ex-military members and local councils across the State.

Minister for Transport and Veterans David Elliott encouraged councils to embrace the skills of ex-military members when recruiting for new staff.

“On the eve of Anzac Day commemorations we reflect on the service and sacrifice of our veterans and the crucial role they can play beyond the defence force,” Mr Elliott said.

“Our veterans are highly trained with core skills such as critical thinking and decision-making, leadership and teamwork, strong interpersonal skills, experience working in culturally diverse communities, resilience and dependability.

“Their expertise is invaluable in the civilian workforce and I’m encouraging Councils to join the likes of Campbelltown, Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, Blacktown, Queanbeyan Palerang and Tweed who have already signed up to the Veterans Employment Program.”

Minister for Local Government Wendy Tuckerman said almost 500 veterans and their partners have benefited from the Government’s Veterans’ Skills Program, gaining skills and accreditation to help them adapt to civilian roles.

“Veterans have skills that are transferrable to many of the 394 occupations in local government, from chief executive officer level to project managers, team leaders, operational roles, trade and front-office staff,” Mrs Tuckerman said.

“To support this transition, the Government is offering veterans and their partners access to free training and support through the Veterans’ Skills Program and Veterans’ Employment Program. Councils are receiving significant funding through the State Government’s infrastructure-led pandemic recovery, which means trades are in high demand.

“Water operations and transfer-into-trade roles, such as former Defence diesel mechanics needing training in unleaded vehicles, are just some of the areas with good employment prospects at councils.”

A Local Government Rank to Grade Guide has been developed by the Office for Veterans Affairs, in partnership with the Office of Local Government, to understand how a veteran’s skills and experience might relate to jobs in local government and help veterans in their civilian job search.

Damien Bolte | Minister Tuckerman | 0498 359 624
Vanessa Till | Minister Elliott | 0419 603 586