Establishment of NSW Kokoda Day to honour veterans

The NSW Government has designated today, 3 November, as NSW Kokoda Day to officially acknowledge the Kokoda campaign of the Second World War.

Premier Dominic Perrottet announced this would be an annual day of acknowledgement for the veterans of Kokoda, to recognise their bravery and efforts in New Guinea.

“Having walked the track myself, it is important we, and future generations, mark the bravery and sacrifices of those who served there” Mr Perrottet said.

“Our troops had to wade through mud, fighting off insects and infection, before encountering some of the most brutal battles of the Second World War.”

“Establishing 3 November as a NSW day to honour the service of our veterans from Kokoda will ensure their efforts and sacrifice will not be forgotten.”

Minister for Transport, Veterans and Western Sydney David Elliott made the announcement today at the Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway.

“On 2 November 1942, Australian troops reclaimed the Kokoda village after four months of brutal jungle warfare. The following day, the Australian flag was raised.” Mr Elliott said.

“On the 80th anniversary of this occasion, we remember the strength and resilience of all those who served along the Kokoda Track and it is wonderful to now have this day recognised in our NSW calendar.”

NSW Kokoda Day will last as a yearly acknowledgement of the contributions made by Australian men and women of the Kokoda Track and also acknowledge the sacrifices of their families.

The Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway in Concord is a living memorial that gives the people of NSW a greater sense of what Australian troops experienced in New Guinea. It is a place for commemoration and reflection for veterans and the community.

“With the number of Australians who served in the Second World War sadly dwindling, it is important that the residents of NSW have memorials that can continue to educate the younger generation on significant events in Australia’s history, like the Kokoda Track campaign.” Mr Elliott added.

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